So you're coming to a practice?
So you've decided you want to check us out! Well the best way to do so is to get in gear, and come participate!

Where to go
Sunday practices (including Beginner's Clinics) are held at the Staten Island LGBT Center at 25 Victory Blvd, 3rd Floor, corner of Bay Street and right across the street from the 1st SIR train stop (Tompkinsville). From other boroughs, take 1 or R to South Ferry/Whitehall St and take the (free) ferry. You can then (free) transfer to the SIR train and get off at the first local stop, cross the street and you're there.

What to bring
Bring clothes to practice in (see:"What to Wear"). You might want to bring bottled water or a sports drink. Also bring $10 to help cover the Center room fee.

What to wear
We're not trying to make any fashion statements, so keep it simple. If you're new to the sport, you'll probably want to stick with the list on the left. As you become more committed, you'll want to have the items on the list to the right. Oh, and bring a towel... you can get really sweaty wrestling and exercising. If you don't have wrestling shoes then you may be able to use low-soled athletic shoes, and we have a few pairs for first-come-first-served use.


athletic underwear


socks (of course!)

light sneakers

wrestling singlet

athletic underwear

socks (of course!)

wrestling shoes


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